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Our Story.. How it all began

Our son Matisyahu  arrived prematurely  on January 11, 2012, at 23 weeks, weighing then just 1 pound, 1 ounce. 

We  were suddenly thrown into the massively confusing storm of survival, worry, panic.... and the search for hope.

Our 6 months  with Matis in the NICU was mostly terrifying.  As therapists, we had a unique perspective on each developmental crisis.

What we  experienced  and have learned since then has inspired us to share  our story, and the innovative solutions we've discovered  to overcome obstacles.

How are we different?

 We are both therapists as well as parents challenged with our  own child's developmental delays. 

As an OT and PT, we needed to search  for new options to go beyond conventional therapy goals for developmental deficiencies. 

At Action Potential Therapy we utilize specialized therapeutic techniques to  actually stimulate growth of new brain connections and restore foundational body strength. 

Our goal for each child is that these new brain connections support functional independence &  maximize their potential for quality of life. 

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Do you wish you had different options to change your child's outcome?

Disappointed by conventional compensation techniques that limit your child's potential?

Do you have courage and desire to explore new alternatives that may actually fix underlying problems?

Then please call to hear a fresh perspective - and new reason to hope.

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